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Welcome to Year 4



Oliver H's Anglo-Saxon Presentation

Toby's Lockdown Video

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Inspired by Ben Fogle, the Y4 teachers have all completed various outdoor activities inside then challenged pupils to do the same over the Easter holidays.

Y4 Skype Chat with Wendy Searle

Class 6 Gymnastics

Uploaded by Mrs Hazell's Class Channel on 2019-11-07.

Class 6 2018-2019 - The best bits!

Year 4 Triumph Over Challenge Day

Year 4 pupils were told that they would have to work harder than they had all year and engage both their bodies and their brains.
They would also spend most of the day failing.
Angus Mcleod gave pupils 10 minutes to learn how to 'master' each of the following skills: juggling, use devil sticks, spin 'things', balance feathers and poles and use gymnastic ribbons. They were then given 10 minutes to create a routine, with their group, to perform to the rest of the class.
They also practised some additional circus skills in class.
We are incredibly grateful for FODJS funding this fantastic experience.
Here’s how they got on:

The Year 4 Triumph Over Challenge Finale

A fantastic end to a fantastic day!

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