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Welcome to Year 5

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This term our Whole Class Reading Book will be Beetle Boy by MG Leonard.

Nathan learning about Japan

Nathan's first time back on the golf course....he hit the pin on the first hole! Happy days!

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Maci has made a a shelter, a bird box and baked cupcakes for the VE day celebrations!

Amber helped decorate her brother's bedroom. Well done Amber!

Grace has produced a lovely information poster about Jane Goodall.

Ben has been colouring and making a sun catcher...

...he has also been busy cooking and making sweet potato rolls and yummy Easter bark!

Alice in Class 8 has made this fantastic Amazon rainforest 3D puzzle!

Amber has made a smoothie and has been baking flapjacks!





Nathan's hedgehog feeding station and his science work...

Lizzie camping in the garden!

Theo has been doing lots of work at home plus he is playing lots of badminton in the garden and has helped Dad with some electrics!

Josh has been writing to his pen pal and concentrating hard on his art work.

Jamie B has been camping in his garden too and has been doing lots of work.

Evan on his daily bike ride.

Alice celebrated her birthday by camping in the garden. Happy birthday Alice!

Amber has been baking and has also made a fantastic rainforest shelter.

Macie has been working hard and her family have made this beautiful heart.

Thank you Alice in Class 8 for your lovely art work.


Thank you Lily for your picture of Simba!

Nathan being helped at home by Blanket!

Lily has been busy baking and has made some delicious looking brownies!

Nathan has made an iPhone out of cardboard - good DT skills!

Nathan diligently doing his weekly spelling test.

Maci has been really busy at home!

Faith M's science work...

...and her PSHE....

Lily had an Easter stay-cation in her garden and put up her tent.

Daniel has been making some delicious cupcakes!

Nataya has found an interesting place to read.


Heroes of Myths and Magic

Our topic for spring 2020 is Heroes of Myths and Magic.  We will be exploring the history of ancient Greece through some of its myths and legends as well as using these ideas in our Art and Design and Technology lessons.  Our geography will focus on European geography and features of mountains.  During our science lessons we are studying materials.  During Design and Technology we will design our own bread.  Our PE lessons will focus on creating Olympic themed dances and continuing with our apparatus work in gymnastics; outdoors we will be doing football - weather permitting!

Heroes of Myths and Magic Homework


Testing our Lunar Rovers

Class 7's Lunar Rovers

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Class 8's Lunar Rovers

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Class 9's Lunar Rovers

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The Year 5 Lunar Rover final!

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The Chocolate Challenge


​Our topic during the spring term is the Chocolate Challenge.  We will be looking at the origins of chocolate, the geography of South America and the ancient civilisation of the Mayans.  We will be designing and making our own chocolates plus lots of other exciting craft products. This will culminate in an Easter Craft Fair, where we will raise money towards our chosen charities.


Term 3 and 4 Newsletter The Chocolate Challenge


Class 8's Achievements 2016-2017

Uploaded by Class Eight on 2017-07-25.

Science Lesson at Barnwood Park High School - Is it acid, alkaline or neutral?

Viking Invasion Dance

Uploaded by Class Eight on 2017-07-18.

Our trip to Masjid E Noor

The Y5 Viking Exhibition at Hucclecote Library

Class 8 Gymnastic Competition Entries

Uploaded by Class Eight on 2017-06-26.

Year 5 Summer Newsletter

Y5 English Homework Task

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In class we watched a short animation about a space marine with the sound OFF. Your homework task is to write a play-script for what you THINK is said by the space marine and the person on the other end of the phone. Please think carefully about layout, stage directions and punctuation.

On Monday 13th March we were given the opportunity to have an online chat with 3 space scientists via "I'm a Scientist, Get Me Out Of Here." Please check out all of our questions and answers.

Class 7 enjoy World Book Day!

Class 7's trip to Think Tank

Some examples of the amazing Solar System homework completed by Class 8.

Look what we received from the World Land Trust!

Year 5 raised an astounding £537.06 for their South American themed market, which has secured the future protection of 5.25 acres of rainforest through the World Land Trust. This takes the combined fundraising total, achieved by Year 5 in the Summer and Autumn terms, to just over £1000! Thank you so much to all the adults and children who participated in the success of these events. Through your help our pupils know that their work is valued and that they can make a difference in the world.

Some of our amazing crafts to sell at the South American themed markets. Come along and grab a bargain!

Class 7 making Mayan themed clay tiles

Year 5 have been looking at the wordless picture book 'Window' by Jeannie Baker.

In the story, we looked at how the landscape through the window changes as time passes, but not always in a good way!

The children were then asked to draw the view from their windows at home, describing the view and how it might have changed over the years/months and how it might change in the future.

The above pictures show the excellent effort they put into this homework. Well done class 7!

In the story of ‘Window’, we follow the story of Sam, who from a baby, grows up in a house where the view from his window and the landscape around him changes gradually over time. Near the end of the story, Sam is moving to a new home with a child of his own.
Here are some excellent examples of Class 7's diary entries. Written from Sam’s perspective on the day he moves house, he recounts his memories as a boy growing up and the different changes that have taken place over the passing years.


Dear Diary,

Today saddens me as I will leave my perfect paradise - called home. Although it does not feel so perfect now. I can remember how my Mum used to hold me by the bedroom window and I could see the avocado leaves, the angel butterflies flutter in the sky and Gingey run like Usain Bolt! But now that view is a city over run by people, cluttering cars, builders building. I feel sorry for the animals I once played with.

By Callum Jones (Class 7)


Dear diary,

Today is the day. The day that I will be leaving my broken down, dusty old home that my mother raised me in for 22 years. The small, dirty garden, which I used to run into every day and breathe in the country air, has become nothing but dread in my heart. Bustling with noise. Not like my childhood with beautiful animals to play with. I want my son or daughter to have the life I did. No noise. Just elegant birds that soar to the ground like a dart. Horse stables and a pig’s sty where I could ride any play with the animals. Endless hours of running and laughing. All of it now gone.

  By Libby Faulkner (Class 7)


Dear diary,

Today is the day that I leave my beloved home. So much has changed. What I once saw out of my window is now a highway for cars, planes and polluting smoke rising into the sky. What I once saw was a peaceful paradise of outback creatures and a sort of giant playground. When I look out of my window now, all I see are cars, more cars and a stuffed bird hanging from the window. I feel bad for all of the animals that lost their lives and my future child who won’t see what I once saw.

By Jack Mitten (Class 7)


Dear diary,

Finally I am going to move house and change my life as I know it. As I take a minute to look at the years passed so much has changed since I was little! Looking out of my bedroom window for the last time I remember the lush green trees I played on are now houses and skyscrapers. I am shocked that the paradise like view is now an angry city storming with people and cars. There was an adventure every day that I spent in the Amazon-like garden with amazing and fascinating animals all around me. I feel sad and happy at the same time. I am happy about seeing trees and wildlife again but sad about leaving my house that I grew up in.

By Maisie Cowley (Class 7)


Dear diary,

I’m Sam and I am 22 years old. Today my life will take a dramatic change and it will be a wonderful one. I feel excited and dizzy because I am leaving the house I’ve grown up in all my life. It is baffling to think that where there is now McDonalds golden arch, was once a stable with ponies and horses that I could stroke. I dislike that they have now cut down my once hide and seek jungle. I will hate to leave the home that holds such sunny, vivid memories. But I would love to have a child soon and I want them to have a paradise to explore and my lovely cats Pumpkin and Spice will love the golden fields. When I was little I tried to count all the leaves on the teal trees (I never got close). I’d see how many gorgeous animals I could count in one day – a kangaroo, bird, and butterfly. I remember rushing downstairs on my birthday to find neatly wrapped presents with a shiny, metallic bow. I want my future grandchildren to dwell upon their childhood when they are older. Exactly what I am doing now sat in my red rocking chair.

 I loved my life in this house but now it is time for a new chapter in my story!

By Emily Hartin (Class 7)


Class 8's Balances

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​​Class 8's Writing


​On Friday, Mrs Hazell gave her class 5 minutes to write an opening paragraph for a suspense story; she was really impressed with the results:


The rain was bucketing down onto our old plastic porch with all it's strength. In alarm the church bell echoed through the gloomy darkness. No-one even dared to go out there into the pitch black street. . . What was out there, no-one knew.

​By Freddie


​Without hesitation, a bolt of lighting strick the tree next to me and illuminated the dark sky. A large cloaked man stood behind it grinning horribly. Then, there the bell started ringing, as if to indicate that my time was up.

By Luke. S


All of a sudden there was a ring of a church bell, but there was no church around. Out of the corner of my eye I saw shoes but no people wearing them, but they were moving. In a blink of an eye I was drenched and there it was, the feet were next to me. I was getting more freaked out as the seconds went by.

By Trinity. B


Cautiously, I trembled through the horrifying path...I could see the shimmering moonlight shining down on me. The wolves' howling echoed across the rainy, damp path.

By Luke. H  

Gymnastic balances

Class 8 were asked to work in pairs to create a sequence which demonstrated what they had learnt about balances this term.
All pupils used a ball in their routines to create extra challenge.
Here are some of the best sequences.

Class 9 at Bristol Zoo!

Meet the Teacher Evening

Year 5 Autumn Newsletter

Class 8's Achievements 2015-2016

Congratulations Class 8 on all of your achievements this year.
Mrs Hazell and Mrs Palmer are so proud of you.
Good luck in Year 6!

Year 5 Sports Day Winners

Amazon Rainforest Debate

After studying South America throughout this term and learning about why people choose to cut down the rainforest... and why we need to save it... Class 8 took part in a debate about how the Amazon Rainforest should be used in the future. The pupils worked in groups and represented other people's points of view (such as: politicians, indigenous people, travel companies) whilst debating if the land should be used for: cattle farming; as a National Park with tourist attractions or a protected space for tribes people and scientific research.
As soon as the pupils finished the debate, they were able to explain how they could have made it better and all said they'd learnt a lot from the experience.
Who do you think gave the most persuasive argument?

Save the Amazon Rainforest

Still image for this video
We used our English lessons to examine persuasive language and used this knowledge to create videos to encourage people to protect the Amazon Rainforest and support our South American inspired market on Tuesday 19th July.
This video was Mrs Hazell and the class' favourite.

Jasmine Marshall.mp4

Still image for this video
This was Mr Santarsieri's favourite video from his class.

Olympic Torches - we used the flags from participating countries to inspire our artwork.

Get Set to Ace It! Competition

For this week's English homework, we would like pupils to submit a motivational speech to GB athletes who will compete at the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Pupils should use the persuasive features that they have been taught in English to inspire our athletes to perform the best that they can.

We could win an experience day at The National Tennis Centre in London, free tennis equipment for our school or a year's free school tennis membership (with the chance to access tickets to Wimbledon in 2017).

The winning speeches will be delivered to the tennis teams in advance of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games and teams will be asked to respond to winning schools.

Email your written speech or film to


Get Set's Road to Rio


Please complete this short survey by clicking the link below to give your opinion on Get Set's Road to Rio. We may win the chance to have a visit from a Paralympic athlete at our school!,T3YK,66TMIP,2393M,1

Maya Presentations

Class 8 were given the task of researching an aspect of the Maya belief system, creating a script using the facts that they had learnt and then presenting their information to the rest of the class. Their peers then had to assess how effective everyone's presentation was based on it's clarity, factual accuracy and amount of information conveyed.
I wonder if you can tell which one the class decided was the best?

Year 5 were thrilled to join Tim Peake with his training through completing the Train Like An Astronaut programme and covering the ​400km between Earth and the ISS via the Space 2 Earth initiative.

They are now using data from Tim's training sessions in their maths lessons.

Discover what it's like to exercise on the ISS using this link:

Combining Computing and History

Class 8 have had great fun using Adobe Voice to share some of the facts that they have learnt about the Maya. Please use the links below to view their work: by Jack. B and Sebastian by Emily by Charlie. J and Sam by Archisha and Alex by Abbie and Leni by Alicia.D and Lily by Charlie. P and William by Daisy and Amber by Charlotte and Ethan. L

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