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What is Bullying (2)?

What is Bullying?


From the photographs, “Bullying, Children Images,” identify who is a victim, one a bully, one a bystander. Decide why these people are either a victim, bully or bystander, and attribute aspects of identity to each person. Why have they become a victim/bully/bystander? What are they thinking? What are they going to do?


Think about if any stereotypes are mentioned – e.g. bullies are boys, older, etc.


We don’t actually know which is which, and we are making judgements purely about the way they look. Is this fair?


Bullies are much less likely to pick on someone who if others are watching and show distain for the bullying behaviour and that bullying will stop in ten seconds in 60% of cases when peers intervene. This does not however mean you should put yourself in a dangerous situation.

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