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w/b 23.11.2020

How did Britain help themselves? 

By now the children should have an understanding of rationing. So what did we do to help? 'Dig for Victory' 

Read the attached PowerPoint which recaps rationing and model how recreational land was changed to allotments during WW2. 

After, use this website to see what grows in the UK and particularly the South West followed by You must select crops suitable to be planted in November/December and design your own allotment based on the image attached. 


We will be making this allotment in school during December. 


w/b 9.11.2020/16.11.20 (see note on timetable)

What is rationing?

Children to research the key questions below. After, they can create a non-chronological report or fact file on rationing. 

What is rationing? What caused rationing to take place during WW2? Why did rationing last 14 years? What resources were rationed? Which countries were involved?

Here are some links for support:


w/b 19.10.20


We are looking at the different lifestyles children would experience based on the geographic location. First, use the images attached (resource 8 and 9) to compare rural and urban life. What differences are there between the two locations? After, use the links below to understand what life was like for an evacuee. Children to write a diary entry on their journey from city to countryside looking at the view from the train. Include comparisons of human and physical features and reflect on changes to colours, emotions etc.


Instead of a diary, you may want to create a non-chronological report using PowerPoint in line with our lessons in computing. 


w/b 5.10

The children have been working hard to identify Hitler's key targets during the Blitz. We now look at how the children escaped the war both in the UK and Germany.

First watch the video of changes to Europe during WW2. Then complete the map of where children were sent to their host families. Lastly, create a non-chronological report based on these questions:


What was the Kindertransport?

  • Dates
  • Purpose

Which countries were children evacuated from?


How were the children evacuated?


Where were the children sent to?


What impact did evacuation have on the children?


When were the children sent home?

Resource 7.mp4

Still image for this video

w/b 21/9/20


Now that the children have an understanding of the Blitz, discuss why London and other major cities were targets.

Ask the children how London was attacked during WW2. Explain that between 1939-1941 the main attacks came via the air (Luftwaffe). What if it was dark? What about the blackouts? (explain if needed) Ask the children how the axis parties would have been able to attack specific locations and why they would have been crucial in Germany winning the war. Use recap the idea that the Germans used grid references on maps to specifically target the human features.

Read through link on Hitler’s Luftwaffe to identify his main targets in London via map/grid work. At the bottom of the website, use Bombsite. Zoom in/out to show the severity of bombs dropped and click the individual way-marker to for each location.


Main: Children to locate human features on London map of today which would have been vital during the war. Locate using 6-figure grid references. Resource 3 and Resource 4


Extension – Select landmarks from Bombsite website research and write an explanation why each of these landmarks were targets for the Luftwaffe.

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