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Week beg 16/11/20

Watch the video Charlie and Kiwi's Evolutionary Adventure.  Your task is explained on the PDF.

Charlie and Kiwi's Evolutionary Adventure

Still image for this video

Week beg 9/11/20

This will week you will be investigating a new theory about how mammals evolved.

Read the PDF called 'Evo Resources' carefully, all the information and instructions are on there for you!  Complete your task on the cartoon sheet. 

W/B 19/10/20 and 2/11/20 (2 weeks)

Lesson 7 and 8

You are going to design a pollinator.  Take a look at the Power Point, all the instructions are on there for you.  Think carefully about your pollinator ie. size, pairs of wings, flying ability, length of tongue etc.  Your pollinator doesn't have to be an insect!  We look forward to seeing your designs and hearing all about them.

W/B 12/10/20

Lesson 6

1.  If you have not completed your variance investigation, please look at last week's task.  We look forward to seeing your bar chart and finding our about what you have learned about variance within a population (your class!).


2.  The 2020 theme is 'Satellites improve life' for Space Week.  A link has been added with lots of exciting video clips for you to watch.  Please design a poster or maybe create a Power Point presentation about what you find out. 

Have a look at the Art and Music tabs for Year 6 too, you will have lots of fun with this mini-project!

W/B 5/10/20 and W/B 12/10/20

Lesson 5 

This week we will look at the data that we gathered during the last lesson. The Power Point has been attached again to help with your write up.  Read the instructions below carefully before you begin!

W/C 28/9/20

Science Lesson 4

This week we are looking at variance within a population.  Look through the Power Point first and try to answer the questions. 

You won't be able to collect data so we will collect that as a class and this will be uploaded onto our Year 6 Blog for next time.  Next lesson, you will we able to show this data as a bar chart and comment on what you notice. 

Next, watch the videos on evolution and adaptation, making sure that you read the information and glossary underneath the clips too.  These will help you understand our topic more and they are quite funny too!


w/c 21st Sept Researching Scientists

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