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Cheltenham Literature Festival

This year, much of the festival is 'virtual' with pre recorded events going 'live' on a daily basis.  The majority of children's events can be viewed free of charge in the area named 'The Den.'  Why not explore some new authors, listen to them talking about their writing and the inspiration for their books and maybe you will discover one which you would like to read for yourself.  Here is one such event which can be viewed.  It is the author MG Leonard discussing her Adventures on Trains series of books:

After The War by Tom Palmer


Have a look at the author's website.

Watch the trailer for his new book, 'After the War' and read the first chapter.

Why are Jewish children coming to England even after the war is over?

Try some of the suggested activities on the page!


Ps The book is available in Class 10 library if you wish to read on once you are back at school.

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