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Quest by Aaron Becker

Over the next couple of weeks, English will be based on Quest by Aaron Becker. Aaron Becker and his publishers have agreed that we can share this book with you via a private link. Please view the beautiful story of Quest via the Y4 Padlet.

Tasks for week commencing 22.06.20

Task 1: Use the table provided to write down observations and questions from the first 4 pages of Quest.

Task 2: Write a setting description based on the castle.

Task 3: Write a variety of interesting sentence types based on the final page of Quest.

Task 4: Use the table provided to ‘box up’ the story.

Tasks for week commencing 29.06.20

Task 1: Write an opening for Quest 

Task 2: Write the build-up section for Quest

Task 3: Write the problem section for Quest 

Task 4: Write the ending section for Quest 

Use the WAGOLLs for examples of these tasks.

Resources for English 29.06.20

Resources for English 6.07.20


Monday:  Aaron Becker has an unsolved mystery in his books – we don’t know how Poppy and Jack got the red and purple pencils. Imagining how and where this might have happened. The Quest map shows where the pencils were hidden. Write a description for where either the red or purple pencil were hidden using adjectives, similes, metaphors, personification, and your 5 senses.

Tuesday: Imagine you were able to meet Aaron Becker, what would you say to him? What questions would you like to ask him about how he created the books?

What questions would you like to ask him about anything you're still unsure of?

What do you like most about his book / pictures?

What (if anything) do you think he needs to improve in his book / pictures?

Wednesday: Create a comic strip for a new adventure using the magic crayons.

Quest map

Additional Resources

Activity sheets produced for Aaron Becker about his books.

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