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Vindaloo at one day old

Chapatti at 1 day old

Poppadom at just over a 1 week old

Poppadom at 5 days old - prefers eating slightly dried cucumber to leaves!

Vindaloo playing hide and seek

Stick Insect Enclosure

Chapatti likes to hide - can you spot him?

Poppadum blending in with the bramble leaves

Now that the stick insects are getting bigger, they need to be provided with more foliage. They have a mixture of bramble, hawthorn, laurel and, of course, cucumber!

The stick insects are growing quickly now and have all turned green.

Poppadom and Vindaloo - bit of a size difference!

Chapati & Vindaloo on 29/06/20

On 29th June, Poppadom was moved into his own enclosure as he is now as long as Mrs Hazell's hand!

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