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Wider Re-Opening of School


Thursday 21st May 2020


Wider Re-opening of School


Dear Parents / Carers,


Please find below an outline of plans for the first three weeks after half term.  We are planning for Year 6 to return to school on 1st June in addition to vulnerable children and children of key workers. 

This plan has been put together following guidance from the government and the local authority.


Please note children cannot be in 2 groups due to social distancing rules. If your child is in Year 6 and you need to use the Keyworker provision for the other days, then your child will need to stay with the keyworker group all week.

Children cannot swap groups they have been allocated.


Groups and classrooms

  • Each class will be divided into 2 groups of 15 – Group A and Group B.
  • Group A will be in at the beginning of the week and Group B at the end, alternating between a 3-day 2-day split.
  • Each group will be taught in a separate room so they mix with a limited range of individuals. 
  • Groups of children will not be allowed to mix together.
  • The school grounds will be zoned for individual groups during break and lunch times.
  • Outside doors will be used as much as possible to avoid movement within the school.
  • Children may not be in their usual classroom.
  • Children will be required to wear clean clothes on a daily basis.



Daily organisation

  • We will encourage social distancing wherever possible.  Weather permitting, we will spend as much time outside as we can, whilst keeping the groups separate.
  • Arrival, breaks, toilet, lunch, end of day and other times will be staggered to minimise contact with other groups.
  • Children will be sat at desks individually and not be allowed to wonder around the classroom.
  • The children will be taught and reminded daily about the new safety rules in school.
  • Children might be taught by another member of school staff as there will be so many groups.
  • Packed Lunch will only be available from the school kitchen – please pay as usual if these are required.
  • Children will go to the toilet one at a time.



Start and end of the day

Start of Day

Class 10: 8.45am side entrance at the end of the Carpark.

Class 11: 9:00 am back gate

Class 12: 9:15 am side entrance at the end of the Carpark.

Keyworker children: 9:00 am side entrance at the end of the Carpark.


End of day

Class 10  2:55 pm side entrance at the end of the Carpark.

Class 11  3:05 pm back gate

Class 12: 3:15 pm side entrance at the end of the Carpark.

Keyworker children: 3:15 pm side entrance at the end of the Carpark.




Additional safety precautions


  • Where possible children should wear school uniform to school, but if it is all in the wash or is now too small, then children can come to school wearing appropriate clothing, trainers are fine.
  • Once the children return home from school it is advised that they immediately remove their clothes and they are washed.
  • Children should bring everything they need at school in a bag, which only they will be allowed to touch.
  • No PE bags needed – just trainers in a bag if not worn to school.



  • Every child must have a labelled water bottle, which will be kept on their desk.
  • Mobile phones will not be collected in by reception so please do not allow your child to bring their phone to school
  • Children will not be allowed to bring pencil cases etc to school.  All equipment will be provided and kept in individual packets and trays and not shared.
  • Children can bring their own reading book to school.
  • If reading books are used from the class library, once read, they will be cleaned and kept separately for 72 hours before being place back on the shelf.



Safety precautions

  • Children will wash their hands immediately on arrival to their classroom, every hour, before and after they eat, after they have been to the toilet and whenever they return from being outside. Children should also wash their hands as soon as they arrive back home.
  • Handles and surfaces regularly touched will be cleaned frequently.
  • Rooms will be cleaned at lunchtime and at the end of the day.
  • Staff will provide any first aid to children that require it but may do so wearing PPE. As always, rough play is not accepted.  Children will be discouraged from playing games which involve physical contact, and games that might increase their risk of injury.
  • If a child becomes unwell during the school day, they will be looked after separately and sent home as soon as they can be collected.
  • Parents/carers will not be allowed to enter the school office or any other part of the school building. Parents should telephone or email the office if they want to talk to a member of staff.



The government have asked schools to stress that children should not attend if they, or a member of their family they live with are showing any symptoms of Covid-19.

If a child or member of staff attending school develops symptoms, they will be sent home, asked to take a test and if confirmed, they will need to self-isolate for 7 days and their family and everyone in their school group will need to isolate for 14 days.


Information about which group and classroom your child will be in will be sent out by the end of the week.


With very best wishes,


Miss Geraldine Brogan      Headteacher

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  • Hucclecote,
  • Gloucester,
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