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11th May Update Letter

Good Morning,


I am sure that, like us, you watched the Prime Minister’s announcement at 7pm last evening. In response, I am writing to clarify our current position. 


At this point schools have no further information other than that given to us all by the Prime Minister’s announcement. There are many unanswered questions that we will explore urgently and will keep you informed at the earliest opportunity. We know how difficult the current situation is for everyone and we want to do all we can to help while keeping everyone safe. 


In the short term, nothing has changed - our school remains closed to all pupils, other than those children whose parents are Keyworkers who have previously booked childcare provision. We appreciate that the uncertainty surrounding future planning remains difficult for us all, but we want to know that we share a common goal, we all want to ensure that every step is taken to ensure that when school opens it is as safe as possible for all members of our school community.


If you are a non-key worker planning on returning to work, please be mindful that we are not in a position to allow your child into school at this point. We would like to reassure you that we will inform you of our plans regarding changes to this position once we have received further guidance from both the Government and the Local Authority.


Miss G Brogan

Head Teacher

  • Dinglewell Junior School,
  • Dinglewell,
  • Hucclecote,
  • Gloucester,
  • GL3 3HS,
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