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W/B 5/10/20

Write your own story inspired by a mythical creature...

Children’s author Ivan Brett guides you in conjuring up your own story and mysterious character. Let the music of Mason Bates, played by the BBC Symphony Orchestra; inspire you in your writing.


Follow the link to find the section in Ten Pieces Tasters

w/b 28/9/20

Listen to extracts from two pieces: One piece composed by John Williams and the other ‘Fanfare’ by Aaron Copland.

What similarities and differences are there between these two pieces?  Record notes on white boards (referring to musical elements) – one for similarities, one for differences.

Feed back as class and record on working wall.


Challenge – Encourage recording of symbols


Wrapping up –  Share info on the listening powerpoint of Aaron Copland

w/b 21/9/20


Can children record what they think the musical elements are (refer to posters when discussing)

Discuss findings.  Are there any short ways of recording what they’ve said e.g. < >  cresc, dim, ABA, allegro. Largo, accel, rall, p, mf, pp, ff, note values. See attachments for definitions. Please don't worry if this is not clear - it will be covered again in school.


Listen to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone  by John Williams.

What do you think the piece is showing good examples of in terms of musical elements?

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