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For those of you who haven't come back to school after half term, below is the Maths year 6 have been doing in school each week. If you have been in school and want to do more, please feel free to do this.  MyMaths will also have additional activities set and teachers will comment on work completed.  If you haven't finished anything already on here, have a go at this too!

Below are daily Maths tasks for you to complete over next few weeks.  Please complete:

  • 15 minute arithmetic task each day - answers are on the last page!


  • A daily lesson from White Rose Maths  - follow the link below:


*** If you find this work too challenging, have a go at Year 5 or Year 4 work***


If you get through this work quickly, have a go at the Problem of the Day on White Rose Maths:


Tasks have also been set up on MYMATHS if you want a change or more maths to do!


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