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Luke.S & Megan

Paralyzed with fear, Hiccup was dropped onto the icy, stone cave floor by a ferocious looking dragon. Hiccup tried to look brave and fearless (inside, however, he was petrified). Toothless, who was drenched, was suddenly dropped next to Hiccup, both of them surrounded by a gang of dragons and an eerie, masked figure. Just then, the dragons' mouths lit up like torches, bathing the cold cave in a warm light. Toothless suddenly fell to the ground. He fell to the ground because the weird figure had made a hand gesture in front of his face. The person inside of the suit slowly edged towards Hiccup, then, even more slowly, took off the mask. Surprised, Hiccup gazed at a woman, a woman who was, undoubtedly, his mother. She suddenly scampered away. Hiccup, intrigued, followed her.
  • Dinglewell Junior School,
  • Dinglewell,
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  • Gloucester,
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