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Lily & Freya

Worried and nervous, Hiccup approached the peculiar figure that was stood in front of him. This creepy human was wearing a mask and a jumpsuit that was like the crystal clear sea. All of a sudden, Hiccup got kidnapped by an unknown dragon and Toothless (the Nightfury) got taken by this mystical person. Above the clouds, there was a crystal clear ice sculpture that Hiccup got put into. In the blink of an eye, this mystical person took off the mask and started to feel Hiccup's soft face. Mysteriously, she started to tell a story about when Hiccup was young. Hiccup asked if she was his mum. She said yes and gave him a lush, sweet hug.
  • Dinglewell Junior School,
  • Dinglewell,
  • Hucclecote,
  • Gloucester,
  • GL3 3HS,
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