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How Far Can My Voice Travel?

How Far Can My Voice Travel?


Before 1876, messages had to be passed either by written form or from person to person – there weren’t any phones etc, so (in Roman times for example) soldiers on sentry duty had to ensure that they were positioned within ear shot of each other so that they knew what to do. What do you think the maximum distance is that the soldiers could be spaced apart (give measurements in metres)? Write this down in as a prediction.


With an adult, measure how far your voice can travel when they speak normally. One pupil should speak, whilst the other measure the sound using a sound monitor if available (app on smartphone or just by listening).The adult listening should take five steps back at a time until the data logger records 0 decimals or the adult can no longer hear the child's voice. Measure the distance that the sound travelled and record this.

Adult and child should then swop roles and repeat the experiment.

What did you find out?

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