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Please read through the powerpoint above then complete the Make Do and Mend activity.

W/B 9th November/16th November (see note on timetable)


Pupils to produce a poster of some key shelters used during WW2.

They need to write an intro:

In order to help protect families during WW2 the government introduced………..

To conclude:

In my opinion, I feel that the safest type of shelter…………

Pupils may use sheet of pictures and key vocab to help them with their work. They could refer to website below if using laptops/ipads.

W/B 12/10/20 and 19/10/20


What was life like for an evacuee during WW2?


Please look at the range of sources below and then complete the written task which you'll find at the end of the power point.  There is a recording sheet if  you wish to use it.

W/B 28/9/20


Pupils answer - what did the UK do to protect children during WW2. Use questions on the power point to guide their short piece of writing.  See associated vocabulary.


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