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This week's focus is on able, ably, ible and ibly words.  Have a try at the exercises in the photocopy of the text book.  You can write them out on paper.



This week's focus is on colons.  Look at the power point on DE:DE sentences and then have a try at some of the activities.  They are listed as bronze, silver and gold.  Bronze is the easiest, but you might want to try all three!  If you have done these then try and write some about beetles!




This week we are beginning a focus on biographies.  We are starting by finding out about what the features of biographies are.  Look at the power point and then have a go at reading some biographies and thinking about why they are biographies and not autobiographies.



Read the story of Michelle Obama on the power point.  


Now read her biography on Wikipedia and think about the similarities and differences of how the information is presented. Are there any key facts in Wikipedia that are not mentioned in the narrative version? What were some of the difficulties she faced in her lifetime in terms of being a black female?  Make short notes about her and 5 or 6 key events in her life time.


M Obama b. 17 Jan 1964, is US attorney & author.  1st Lady of USA.  M to Barack Obama 44th USA President, 1st Af-Am 1st Lady. 

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