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Copy out the poem in your best handwriting.



Have a go at the spelling activities linked to our words this week.



Read the diary and look at the sheets which identify the features of a diary. 


Answer the comprehension questions in full sentences.



Watch the film “La Luna” again.  This week you are going to write a diary entry from the little boy’s perspective.


Create a flowchart of the important things that you will need to mention in the diary.  Jot down some of the boy's feelings at the different stages of the story.  Add some time adverbials - after that, next, then and some where adverbials - in the boat, on the moon, to your notes.  Look at the diary example that you used for the comprehension for anymore ideas that you can magpie for your diary.


Still image for this video

Begin writing your diary. You can use this start.


Dear Diary,


Today has been the most amazing day. Little did I know, when I left the house last night that I would be starting my job in the family business.


Look at the success criteria to ensure that you include all the features.

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