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Write out the firework poem in your neatest handwriting



This week's spelling focus is ie words.  Look at this week's words and write a sentence using each of the words.  Then have a go at the spelling activity to see if you can find the correct spelling and write a sentence with each word.



This week's writing focus is on the short film "La Luna."  Your first task is to watch the film really carefully and then answer the comprehension questions in full sentences.




Still image for this video

Sentence work


Look at the power point and have a go at writing some emotion word sentences for the pictures from the film.



You are now going to try and write a recount of what happens in the film.  This needs to be in the third person eg the boy . . .

Try to include lots of vivid description of the moon with similes and metaphors, emotion word sentences, accurately punctuated speech between the three characters (but not too much!).  Remember to write in the past tense.

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