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Spellings - this week's spellings are focusing on irregular plurals, have a go at the worksheets below.



Handwriting - choose one of the activities to do.




Write your "Who helps?" paragraph.


Think about the feelings of the characters using the remaining pages from the submarine journey to the cave.  How do Poppy and Dad feel looking at the cave paintings?  Look at the picture which shows the explosion of the colour snatcher machine.  Use the colour word mat to help you write some similes and/or metaphors to make a really good description.



Write your final paragraph of your story.  This should focus on the feelings of the characters when colour is restored to the world and how Dad and Poppy now feel about each other.  You should also cover the "where last?" part of the story when Poppy and Dad return home and go and fly Poppy's kite.  Re-read your story and edit it.




Have a go at the reading comprehension about Halloween.



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