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Spellings - this week's spellings are focusing on plurals, have a go at the worksheets below.




Handwriting - choose one of the activities to do.




Learn how to write a noun, which/who/where sentence.  Work through the power point and use the picture prompts from the story Return to write your sentences.  There are some extension sheets of Viking gods if you want an extra challenge.




Work on the "What goes wrong?" section of your story.  Use the notes below to help you.  You need to include:  exciting verbs, ly sentences, emotion word sentences and noun, which/who/where sentences.


The colour thieves emerge from the boat, the Mandarin King tries to draw a sword, the colour thieves have a Colour Snatcher machine which sucks up the crayon, the colour thieves seize the King, Jack draws a purple hippogriff, Poppy, Dad and Jack fly off on the hippogriff, the Viking boat transforms into an airship and gives chase,  the hippogriff disintegrates and Jack scrambles to safety on the airship,  Poppy and Dad plummet into the sea, Poppy draws a submarine and they sail to a cave.


Use the sentence starter mat to help you vary your sentence starters.




Write your "Who helps?" paragraph. 


Think about the feelings of the characters using the remaining pages from the submarine journey to the cave.  How do Poppy and Dad feel looking at the cave paintings?   



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