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w/b 30.11.20

Using web 2.0

Watch the link here

The video shows a simple explanation that compares the differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Web 2.0 allows users to both download and upload content to the internet.

Create a list of all the apps, games and websites where you have shared or uploaded content e.g. sending an email. You will be amazed at how much content we actually share online. 


Now watch the link here which discusses both the benefits and negatives to Web 2.0. You can design a poster using Microsoft Word which models the information from above. Remember to include steps on staying safe online. Posters can be shared via Padlet.



w/b 16.11.2020 for 2 weeks


Using hyperlinks. Use the PowerPoint attached to recap the difference between the World Wide Web (WWW) and the internet. After, understand how hyperlinks on webpages and documents are used. Good examples of hyperlinks can be found through the website wikipedia which can take you from one webpage to another using a hyperlink.


Task: Choose a theme from WW2 e.g. The Blitz or The Battle of Britain. Can you create a PowerPoint with embedded hyperlinks with links to websites related to your theme. You will find the hyperlink tool at the top of PowerPoint. For Mac users, right click in Keynote and select links. You will need to write the website URL. 

w/b 2.11.2020


With a new term comes a new unit of work. This term we are learning about networks (the internet). Lesson 1, use the Prezi presentation to understand how the internet is delivered to our devices through 'downloads' and how we share content through 'uploads'.

You can also use the link below to help you understand further.

Once you have an understanding, use your knowledge of Word or Powerpoint to create a poster/presentation modelling how the internet works. 

w/b 12.10.20 for 2 weeks

Following our work using Word, we would now like you to produce a PowerPoint presentation. Once again, you can use the homework sheets to present your research or complete the next Geography lesson as a non-chronological report rather than a diary. Remember to include text, pictures and transitions. Use the link below on how to use the basics of Powerpoint. If you have a Mac at home, you can create a Keynote.


W/b 28th for 2 weeks


First: Read the web link below on using Microsoft Word. This will give pupils the opportunity to understand the basic skills required.

Task: Create a Word document linked to a homework of your choice or research from History lessons. This can then be added to Padlet or bring it in to school when you return.


wb 21st September


You could present your research on a scientist using an ipad or laptop.

Please see the science section for what's expected of you.

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