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w/b 12.10.20 for 2 weeks

Following our work using Word, we would now like you to produce a PowerPoint presentation. Once again, you can use the homework sheets to present your research or complete the next Geography lesson as a non-chronological report rather than a diary. Remember to include text, pictures and transitions. Use the link below on how to use the basics of Powerpoint. If you have a Mac at home, you can create a Keynote.


W/b 28th for 2 weeks


First: Read the web link below on using Microsoft Word. This will give pupils the opportunity to understand the basic skills required.

Task: Create a Word document linked to a homework of your choice or research from History lessons. This can then be added to Padlet or bring it in to school when you return.


wb 21st September


You could present your research on a scientist using an ipad or laptop.

Please see the science section for what's expected of you.

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