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Chocolate Experiment

Chocolate Experiment


Show a piece of chocolate and make the statement- chocolate always looks like this. Do you agree or disagree?


Discuss and define heating. How does something get hotter?


Explain that we want to find out what temperature chocolate melts at. How could we do this? How will we know it has melted?


Christmas will be at the end of this term and chocolatiers want chocolate to melt in people’s mouths – body temperature 36°C. We need to make sure that the best chocolate is chosen for this time of year!


We are going to test 3 different types of chocolate to see which we should have - white, milk and dark.


To be written by child:

Aim: to find out which chocolate melts at 36°C.

Prediction: I think the ______ chocolate will melt at 36 degrees because…..


Pupil should then test the chocolates in turn by holding each piece in their hand and counting to 100 to see if it melts.



White chocolate =

Milk chocolate =

Dark chocolate =


Conclusion: The best chocolate is ___________ because _________.

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