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Week Commencing 30.11.20

In the coming weeks, we will be designing some Christmas decorations.  Practise sketching images of Christmas objects and symbols: different stars, poinsettias, trees etc.  

w.c 16/11/20:and 23/11/20 Picasso

W/C 12/10.20 and 2/11/20

World Space Week


Please see the activity in the music section of Home Learning.  This activity is a follow up to that.

As you listen to the music and watch the full orchestral performance  draw what you think the music is describing. You might like to focus on the opening of Zimmer’s piece and draw the atmosphere around Earth – space, stars and other planets floating outside of their circle. Or you may choose to focus on the middle of the music and draw the movement and action on our planet – i.e. people rushing around, vehicles, buildings, cities, etc.

Listen several times focusing on a different section of Zimmer’s music , adding something different to your artwork each time.


It may help to show your child images of Earth from Google Maps. Make sure the view is on ‘satellite’ and then type in the school’s address. Zoom out over and over until you reach the view of Earth from space.




Gustav Klimt

The Nazi party 'plundered' or stole a lot of Art work from other European countries.

Some work from the artist Gustav Klimt was amongst the paintings which were stolen.

Have a look at his famous painting, 'The Tree of Life' and see if you can recreate it in some way.  You may not have paints at home but perhaps you could attempt some of the patterns using pencil or crayons

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