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Monday - Instruction Writing


Read the set of instructions for ‘How to wash an elephant.” Highlight the key features: imperative verbs, time conjunctions, subheadings, opening sentence, chronological order, bullet points and numbers, concluding sentence. 


Watch "The Snowman" up to the section that shows the snowman being built (approx. 3:50).


Write the start of the instructions for how to build a snowman - the introduction and “You will need,” in bullet form.


Tuesday - Instruction Writing


Watch "The Snowman" clip again (up to 3:50).


Complete instruction writing from Monday.

Success criteria:

  • Subheadings
  • Bullets points
  • Logical sequence of events/progressions
  • Time conjunctions
  • Imperative verbs.

Extension: add extra information e.g. Before putting the hat on; ensure that you flatten down the top of the head.


Watch the rest of "The Snowman."


Wednesday - Plurals


Go through Plurals PowerPoint.

Additional points to note: you do not use apostrophes to make words plural; use of is or are; was or were.


Work through Focus and Practice from the photo below. Ensure sentences are correctly punctuated.


Thursday - Description Writing


Watch ‘Lily and the Snowman’ until 45 seconds. 


Pause after 9 seconds.

  • Why does Lily clap her hands?
  • What is she pleased about?
  • How did she build the snowman- what order did she follow?
  • What do you think might happen? Why?

Pause after 45 seconds.

  • Why do you think the snowman selected to create a bird and an umbrella to show Lily?
  • How do think he knows what these things are?


Read WAGOLL to see how to write a description of one of the shadow scenes.

Children to write their own description of one of shadow scenes shown. 

Success criteria:

  • Similes
  • Personification
  • Adjectives
  • Powerful verbs

Extension: use a thesaurus to develop vocabulary choices.


Friday - Embedded Clauses


Look at Embedded Clauses PowerPoint slide to see how to form embedded clauses. Embedded Clauses are used to add information to simple sentences- this sentence should make sense if the embedded clause wasn’t there. Embedded clauses can use words such as when, where, who, which, that- we will mostly focus on using which and who today.


Watch Danny Macaskill: The Ridge.

Write embedded clause sentences to describe the screen shots. Use the prompt sheet to complete the sentences with embedded clauses to describe the screen shots if needed.

The Snowman

Lily & the

Still image for this video

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

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