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Monday - Column Subtraction linked to measurement


Learn how to subtract decimal numbers using 

Complete Do it, Stretch it and Deepen it tasks below.


Tuesday - Column Subtraction linked money


Recap subtraction of decimal numbers using the BBC bitesize clip above.

Do it: TYM Page 99 B Q7 -12 (see photo)

Stretch It:  Discussing exchanging

Deepen It: TYM Page 99 B Q 13 and 14  and C 14 (see photo below)

Extension: Bus Journey Q’s


Wednesday - Subtraction Word Problems


Do it: Word Problem questions below

Stretch It: Word problem using more than difference. Convince me.

Deepen It: Going Wild game. You will need counters and dice. 


Thursday - Addition and Subtraction  Word Problems


Go through PowerPoint to understand problem solving language.

Do it: Word Problems

Stretch It: Always sometimes never

Deepen It: Addition and Subtraction Pyramids


Friday - Arithmetic test


Complete test below in 20 minutes.

Go through answers with an adult.

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