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This week will be spent focusing on Black, British people who are making history now.

Use to learn about what Marcus Rashford has done, what he is currently doing and why he is a good role model.

Answer questions from reading comprehension sheet about Marcus Rashford.



Think about the following questions:

Can anyone be a role model?

Who do you look up to?

What sort of people will be remembered in history?

Watch and think about why Nicola Adams is a good role model.

Choose one person from the information sheets and summarise in one paragraph what this person’s achievements have been and why future generations should remember them.



Go through the PowerPoint to insert conjunctions. Then, work through Learn, Activity 1 and Activity 3 in the lesson on

Write at least six sentences about the ocean using because, if or when. Write a minimum of two sentences for each conjunction.


Thursday & Friday

Look at Fact File written about Mary Seacole last week. What makes this a good piece of writing? Identify features.

Research a Black, British role model of your choice either using information sheets from Tuesday or the internet. Draft a Fact File about this person before writing one up in neat.

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