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Monday - Emotive Language


Look at image from ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow.’ Think about what the scene would be like. What would the characters be thinking and feeling? Is there any way of showing not telling what they are feeling to make it more interesting? Instead of 'he is terrified' we could write ‘his heart was beating like a drum, his palms were sweating.'


Pupil to write about the characters feelings for the 5 key images using 'show not tell' as in the example above.

  • Playing as boys
  • In the trenches
  • Injured
  • Medical help
  • Old men


Tuesday - Emotion word sentences


Complete emotion word sentence sheets based on the story of 'Where The Poppies Now Grow.'

E.g. Excited, Ben and Ray spread their arms to become aeroplanes in their make-shift aerodrome.


Wednesday - Dictionary skills / alphabetical order


Go through with class. 

Complete 1 or 2 of the tasks below - choose task depending on child's knowledge of the alphabet.


Thursday & Friday - Diary Entry


Re-watch 'Where The Poppies Now Grow.' Choose one part of the story to write a diary entry for as either Ben or Ray.

Read the WAGOLL below to see what a diary entry might look like.

Include emotion word sentences and similes.

Write up diary entry in neat taking care with spellings, punctuation and handwriting.

If time, draw a picture that Ray or Ben might have drawn in their diary for the chosen event.

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